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BMW E3 Bavaria

July 25, 2010

Spotted this BMW E3 Bavaria in Cupertino a couple weeks back. Exterior and interior were in awesome condition! Especially considering the age. So old skool and so cool!


BMW Supports iPod Out by Apple

July 15, 2010

Pretty cool stuff!

The Weksos ACS E34

July 2, 2010

Adam at Weksos’ hella clean E34 has been featured over at MotorMavens. Congrats Adam! Job well done and way to represent E34’s! Antonio of MotorMavens is responsible for the sweet photo-shoot! Love it!

More over at: MotorMavens

Phuong Phenomenon

July 2, 2010

The awesome Blurple E92 is in the July 2010 issue of EuroTuner magazine! Pick up a copy! Congrats Dr. Phuonger!

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