Son Tran x Wheeldude x Detail Addict

This past Saturday, I headed out to a meet hosted by Wheeldude and Detail Addict.

Also in attendance was the great Son Tran from SoCal. A lot of E90 guys (and I’m sure other car enthusiasts), especially those who live in SoCal, are familiar with his wheel repair work and awesome reputation. I got to witness him working his magic at the LTBMW meet and Son definitely knows what he’s doing.

I’ve been waiting since February for Son to head up north and to tackle some wheel repair. He worked on both my passenger side wheels and cured them both of curb rash. He also worked on a bunch of other wheels on his trip to the Bay Area and I’m sure everybody has been very happy with his work. Thanks Son!!

Also, big thanks to Wheeldude and Detail Addict for hosting the meet and BBQ!

If you’re in SoCal and need some work done on your wheels, I definitely recommend contacting Son Tran. He’s mobile and can repair curb rash and other cosmetic issues. He however cannot repair bent wheels.

Son Tran
(714) 742-6855



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